Endurer by Kapil Raj-Review

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Name          – Endurer
 Author                 – Kapil Raj
 Publisher              – Write India Publisher
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Rape is a word that is still a taboo. People discuss about rape of unknown women but if it happens to their own, they try to hide it. Entertainment media too try to induce the feeling that the rape victims will be treated bad and hence should keep mum. Author Kapil Raj tells us that they are not victims but they are endurers.

Notwithstanding the similarity to the basic plot of the book #I’m16Icanrape, the book stands out in telling the story of a girl who used to party, wear short dress, had very close relations with boys who are her friends but still has to right to protest and protect herself if touched inappropriately. ,Endurer, is the tale of Palak, the rich dad’s daughter who likes to party and have fun. Love,drugs,crushes, night hangouts and unplanned trips were what dominated her life. Her undeveloped fling towards Jahan and concern towards her secret admirer Rohin were not negligible to the readers. After a Rave Party, which was illegal in NCR, Palak who gets stoned, wakes up to see that she was brutally raped but without any memory of who did it. A day later she realises that her porn video was being circulated all over the college. In an attempt to stay away from all the trouble, she goes to a faraway village where she meets Sethani and Meethi, who shows her another life about which she has never heard or imagined about.

A series of subplots that traverse the main plot are equally grave and thought provoking. Child marriage, marital rape, gender discrimination and many more social evils are addressed through the subplots.

Nonetheless, author has failed in putting across the message that doing weed, hash and coke is not a funny game. A serious effort was invested in the same but somehow failed to give the impact. But author on the other hand has strongly put forward the fact that a woman doesn’t deserve to be raped just because she wears short clothes or hang out with friends or even have sex with her boyfriend. Nothing gives anyone the right to violate her. The same neutralizes the fact that character development is poor.


A strong message bearing book

Scenario:   5 /5
Narration    :  4.5 /5
Character   :  3.5 /5
Entertainment Quotient: /54.5

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