The Nine-Chambered Heart by Janice Pariat- Review

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Name          – The Nine-Chambered Heart
 Author                 – Janice Pariat
 Publisher              – Harper Collins
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To be loved is a woman’s greatest achievement. Anyone’s dream for that matter. A girl being loved by nine people at different points of life is the highlight of the book.

Nine chapters, nine narrators and one female protagonist. The characters that the nameless female protagonist connects with at different point in her life, are conversing to her. The unique fact is that all are not male. The point that author tries to put across is that a relationship is not necessarily love or lust. It could be special friendship too, adorned with admiration. The point is portrayed well and the character of the female protagonist is painted with brilliance. There is no dialogue, no name, no description- All that the readers get to know about the female protagonists is through what the other characters communicate with her.

The depth of emotions permeate to the readers but time and again, author loses the grip or so it seems. The pace of the book is not consistent and the level of interest that it generates in the readers is also sporadically obstructed. Notwithstanding the inconsistency, author has compensated with the depth of the emotions. 

The book is unconventional in itself that it is not possible to review it in a conventional format for the characters are not characters as such. The target readers are niche and ones looking for a funny, light read might find the book disappointing.


For those who are looking forward to deep emotional tales.

Scenario:   4 /5
Narration    : 4.5/5
Character   :   4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 3.5/5

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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