Table For One by Neha Bindal- Review

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Name          – Table for One
 Author                 – Neha Bindal
 Publisher              – Hal Baked Beans
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“Quite your, Go on a trip and see the world” We have seen a lot of quotes in the same line. Table for one is the story of a girl who made this real. 
Tara is dealing with heartbreak. While trying to overcome the pain, her parents compel her to get married to Saurabh. After much persuasion, she agrees but on one condition- She will go on a solo international trip. Thus sets out a single girl on a solo trip full of fun, adventure, apprehension, happiness, and emotions.  Will she come back and marry Saurabh? Will she find love on the trip as Simran of DDLJ did?

As a package, the book is gripping, poignant, medium-paced contemporary fiction. Tara’s loneliness is perceptible throughout. The incidents that she comes across during the trip portray her as a vivacious girl who smokes and drinks and have fun, Tara’s basic character is compromised somewhere and gets vague. The confusion could be attributed to the situations that she land herself on. The plot is not the conventional pattern. Since it is travel fiction, the incidents make the plot. The style of narration is vernacular and hence the first-person narration suits the book. 

The author loses the grip of the story and erratically derails the storyline but later comes back on track. The rest of the characters are ephemeral and gets replaced easily without leaving a trace or aftertaste. The title is apt for the book and the book cover too compliments it. However the layout of the book could have been better.


Engaging read of a girl who sets out for an international trip alone.

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration    : 3.5  /5
Character   :  3 /5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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