Hungry Gods by Richa Lakhera- Review

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Name          – Hungry Gods
 Author                 – Richa Lakhera
 Publisher              – Rupa Publications
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A gruesome murder, a crude affair, a mysterious woman, an eccentric investigator- All in all the word that could better represent the book would be eerily bizarre. The term could be counted as both pros and cons. The overall appeal of the book depends on the reading preference of the reader.

The plot takes off with the macabre death of a woman of which her kid is a witness. Further the book introduces the readers to different characters- all crazy and freak due to their idiosyncrasies. The characters are the highlight of the book. The craft of the characters alone stands for the major part of the plot. The real plot takes off when the police inspector Dorab Silva takes charge of the murder of the film director Thackaray. The investigation throws out a can of worms that were long hidden. Further the readers get to witness an unprecedented tale of eeriness.

The book is perfectly crafted for those who love books like Time to Kill by john Grisham. The book could not be counted as one similar to this but the gruesome crimes reminds the readers of the book. The crudeness of the reality depicted in the book is cringe-worthy but the news that we witness of late is an alibi to the fact the there could be relatable incidents similar to the plot.

On a personal note, I am not much a fan of such gruesome crimes and hence it was difficult for me to hook myself into finishing the book.


Gruesome and crude reality

Scenario:   3/5
Narration    : 3.5/5
Character   :  4/5
Entertainment Quotient:3 /5

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