Tarikshir by Khayaal Patel- Review

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Book Name          – Tarikshir

 Author                 – Khayaal Patel

 Publisher              – Westland

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A fantasy is a genre that could be counted as a two edged sword. There could be only two kinds of reviews -1. Extremely good 2.Extremely Bad -for fantasy. One reading a fantasy cannot have a mediocre liking to it. Hence Khayaal Patel had taken the risk of his life with the book Tarikshir as it is a blend of fantasy, mythology and history.

The mysterious creature looming in shadow has created a suspense so strong that the readers would be hooked to the book. In a Princely state of Devangarh in Rajasthan, the protest against the British has brought the king and his prince against the British on a battle. After the mysterious death of the king Raja Ravindra, prince Rudra Pratap Chauhan sets out to find the mystery behind the death of his father as well as the human shaped monkey. Thenceforth unfolds a thrilling spooking cliffhanger.

The plot takes off in a different tangent. It introduces the readers to Tarikshir on the background of the repercussions of Ram-Ravan war. The mood set in the beginning changes when the era changes and readers are taken to Rajasthan. The switch is tad bit sudden but author has managed to sew the seams.

Narration is the USP of the book. However, the pace of the tale drops time and afain. Yet, the author has managed to pull off a thrilling tale. The characters are mysterious in itself and have blended with the take. Some of the terms mentioned in the book were contemporary and hence stuck out.  Author has the camouflaged flaws whatsoever with his exemplary narration. 


Ideal book for Indian fantasy lovers

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration  :  4.5 /5

Character   :  4.5 /5

Entertainment Quotient: 4.5

This review is in return of a free book from the author.  

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