And So Can You by Dr. Roopleen- Review

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Name          – And So Can You
Author                 –  Dr. Roopleen 
Publisher              – Power Publishers

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Legends inspire others through their lives. Dr.Roopleen has come up with the tales of 17 such legends who have made their lives a textbook of survival.

All the seventeen featured doctors have struggled in their life to reach the position that they adorn. Most of them have come up from a humble background and worked hard with utmost perseverance. How they cleared their entrance is what is admirable. Most of them appeared for their post graduation in the most adverse circumstances and have come out in flying colours. Another quality that was common to all the doctors was that all of them were extremely humble and viewed their success as something that need not be glorified. Probably since the author herself is an Ophthalmologist, most of the doctors featured in the book are opthalmologists.

The book has a pattern of starting off with the childhood, followed by stating what influenced them to take medical profession, after which author authentically depicts their college life. What seems inadequate is that author has wound up the chapters once the doctors gained post graduation and joins a job. A detailed account of their professional life was missing, except a few. 

My favourite would be that of Dr. Muralidhar Pai of Kasturba Medical College. The description of the book says that it is ” a book every doctor and medical student must read”. This description narrows down the target reads but apparently the book should be read by anyone who is aspiring to be successful.


A book everyone who wants to be successful must read.
Scenario:   5 /5
Narration    :   5/5
Relevance   :  5 /5
Research     : 5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 5/5

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