Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore by Rimple – Review

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Handwritten Letters in the  Bookstore by Rimple - Review

Name          – Handwritten letters in the Bookstore
 Author                 – Rimple
 Publisher              – Notion Press

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I would like to start the review on a personal note. The book is primarily based in the ’90s and being a 90’s kid, I could relate to the thoughts, interests, music, and movies. Like the female protagonist, I am also a 1985-born and hence shared the same feelings about the songs. It reminded me of how I was mesmerized by Sonu Nigam when I saw ‘Tutu ‘.

Now coming to the actual review, the plot begins when Rajvir sees a letter that he picks from the bookstore. The anonymous letter is intended to make the person who gets the book smile. Further, he comes across more letters in the bookstore, finally managed to get the email ID, and further engages in chats with the sender, who is a female- the name is revealed later. They get connected and realize that both are 90’s kids and could relate to each other’s likes and dislikes. Further, the book is about the discussion of songs, movies, and celebrity crushes. The book is an entertaining encyclopedia about 90’s music. After a point, the discussion gets monotonous and makes it difficult for even a 90’s kid to keep up with the enthusiasm. 

More space for the protagonists’ backgrounds could have balanced the book better. Nonetheless, the little glimpse into the family of the female protagonist is lively and a mood-changer.


For the 90’s kids

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration:  3.5 /5
Character   : 3  /5
Entertainment Quotient: 3.75/5

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