The Aftermath by Sameen Khan- Review

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Name          – Aftermath
 Author                 – Sameen Khan
 Publisher              – Blackbuck Publications 
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Can a boy and a girl be ‘best friends’ only? Can a family that doesn’t understand their kids eventually lead them to death? 

Aftermath is a highly tragic story of two friends Sam and Ana. They became friends in theIr tuition class and something or other leads to chaos in their lives. The fact that Sam’s parents treat him badly, made the matters worse. Finally a tragedy forces Ana to retrospect everything. How she copes up with it is the crux of the story.

Author has managed to take off the plot with deep emotional drama and a suspense. The intermittent shift from the past to the present has been managed well. The frame of the plot has a lot of possibilities. The characters of Ana, Sam, and Alisha are crafted well. The rest of the characters lacked space. The overall plot too lacked space. It was a bad idea to crunch an emotionally deep plot into a novella.The school life is depicted in a light and  breezy fashion. The little idiosyncrasies of the characters are good to read.

The scenario in Sam’s family is the axis of the plot but towards the end, the well anticipated revelation lacked the impact that was expected, which in turn affected the mood of the book.


Not bad; Not great- easy one time read 

Scenario:   4/5

Narration    :   3.5/5
Character   : 3 /5
Entertainment Quotient:3.5/5

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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