Chanakya by Ashok.K.Banker – Review

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Chanakya by Ashok.K.Banker - Review

Name          – Chanakya
 Author                 – Ashok Banker
 Publisher              – Westland
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Vishnu Gupta, the teacher of Chandragupta Maurya, is known to everyone. But, the childhood of Chanakya is known to very few.

The plot takes off with the childhood of Vishnu Gupta, the son of a teacher and a brilliant student of Hindu scriptures. In another part of the world, in Pataliputra, the capital of the Nanda empire, Mahaamatya Kartikeya, the Prime Minister, recognizes a talent in Chandra, a thief boy. Nanda empire happens to be in anarchy and the power lies in the hands of people who stand against injustice. Vishnu Gupta sets out to Pataliputra with his family, where he comes under the scrutiny of Mahaamatya. Further what happens is the crux of the story.

The author has tried to give enough space in developing the plot and characters. The base or foundation of the plot is the USP of the book.  The author has adapted contemporary narration even though the story is historical fiction. The eeriness and cruelty of the people in the Nanda empire especially the prince are depicted realistically.

The plot has consumed more space in development and by the time the actual plot ends, the story ends abruptly. This might be given persuading the readers to wait impatiently for the next part. 


Introduction to the real story

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration: 4/5
Character:  4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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