In conversation with Preetika Mehra, author of Let you be my puppet once

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Hello Outsetians 

We have a talented writer with us today. The woman who proved that political thrillers are not men’s forté.  Please meet Preetika Mehra. Author of Let you be my puppet once 
Preetika Mehra - Author of Let you be my puppet once

Let’s start with a brief intro about you.

Passionate about social structures, economic policies and philosophy, analysing and finding connections in all of them. In free time, she loves reading and learning about Zodiac signs, practicing yoga, and cooking. A tarot learner of late.
Profile – Economics Graduate from the University of Delhi. MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) Delhi in 2016 and is currently working with an MNC in Chennai, India. 

When did you decide to actually sit down and write something ?

Never thought consciously about finishing something. Just kept penning down my thoughts and observations about many things. When it all seemed to connect well, I felt like giving it a shape of a story. Always wanted to write something different, something contemporary that readers can relate to and some realistic with detailing. I have always personally liked books which either gave me some new information or helped gain some behavioural knowledge. Wanted to add those aspects into my book.

Which is your favourite genre?

I would say subject – economics. As long as there is anything related to economics in whatever fashion, I enjoy it. Whether it’s business or political economics or even household. Anything related to that.

How would you market your book?
I keep researching on the way economic aspects are presented to us through different media platforms. Our understanding is based on the information that is provided to us and thus it remains limited. If you have an open mind and wants to see things from varied perspectives, then read this book. I’ve also ensured that the message go through a story with a mix of humorous and satirical tones and therefore it would be entertaining for the reader

How do you manage time to write the book?
I never felt I needed special or extra time to write a book. If you do something with your full heart into it, it all becomes very easy. It becomes effortless and you enjoy the journey.

Are you planning another book?
No plans. I keep penning down my thoughts. It all may just come together someday.

How was your publishing experience?
Couldn’t have asked for anything smoother than what I had.

How can the readers reach you
Instagram –

This was Pretika Mehra for you. You can buy her book Let you Be My Puppet Once from Amazon.
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