The Last Attractor of Chaos by Abhinav Singh -Review

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Name          – The Last Attractor of Chaos 
 Author                 – Abhinav Singh 
 Publisher              – Notion Press 
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Indian writing has seen several fantasy novels. While many of them concentrated purely on the technical know how and core science, some concentrated on the protagonists and their life. Very rarely have we come across books that balance both. ‘The Last Attractor of Chaos’ is one of that sort.

The plot opens with the murder Ashwin Rathore, a particle physicist who is a part of construction of a strategically important weapon. Ashwin succumbs to the bullets in an attempt to save his wife Sruthi, who has a plethora of secrets around her life that Ashwin himself is unaware of. Further we see that Sruthi is being hunted down on charges of treason and we see the 6 months pregnant lady on the run to secure an important information that, if not secured, will make the wrong people privy to the national secrets. Sruthi calls whatever happening in her life, providence, and the readers themselves witness the same.

The cascade of events that happen after Ashwin’s demise makes a perfect cliffhanger. The major part of the book is in first person narration by Ashwin. Author has crafted the tale in such a way that readers would be able to have a 3D view of each scenario. The introduction of sruthi in the beginning, when the lovers met for the first time as well as the past proves the finesse of the author. 

Sruthy’s past is a deviation from the mood of the whole book and did affect the pace. Nonetheless, considering the level of interest generated by the rest of the book, it is negligible. Quite often Sci fi books and movies consider the readers/viewers as imbeciles and stuff silly terms unnecessarily but Abhinav Singh has maintained a balance of the same.

On a personal note, I loved this book. It was in Jan 2016 that I rated a five star for a book called Kashmir House. After that there was ‘An autobiography of a Yogi’ but it was a classic and hence I would not count it. So after two and a half years here is another book which grabbed 5 stars from me. I wonder why the author had to self-publish the book. I can vouch for the fact that here was have yet another bestselling author in the making.


I simply love this book.

Scenario:   5 /5

Narration    :  5 /5
Character   : 5  /5
Entertainment Quotient: 5/5

This review is in return of a free book from the author.   

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