“Happiness is simple if you know where to look for it”, Author of 3 Peaks of Happiness, AiR joins us.

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This week gave me the chance to interview quite a few authors.  While most of them were fiction authors, I got to meet a unique personality who helps the masses about spiritual journey. The authors of the book ‘Three Peaks of Happiness’ , Air

What is happiness in a simple sentence?

Happiness is a state of joy, peace and bliss experienced
differently by different people.

Often the spirituality and philosophy based books depict the
spiritual journey of the people who are settled in life. Isn’t
spirituality and eternal happiness unattainable to the working
class as they won’t be able to meet the basic needs and hence
unhappy throughout?

Spirituality is all about self realization and has nothing to do
about one’s financial status.

Why did you chose to change your path from business?

I chose a new path because I believe that you must evolve
when you reach the end of the road. You don’t stop, instead
you take a bend from one peak to another.

When did you decide to pen down your thoughts?

When you have profound thoughts that can touch, trigger and
transform people, how can you let those thoughts go down the

How was your publishing experience since the genre is

Very few people understand spirituality and experience taught
me not to talk to the masses.

What is your advice to those who are seeking happiness?

Happiness is very simple if you know where to look for it.

How can readers reach you?

I am happy to respond to any queries of readers and spiritual
seekers on Whatsapp at 9845155555.

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