A Cage of Desires by Suchi Singh Kalra- Review

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Name          – Author cage of desires
 Author                 – Suchi Singh Kalra 
 Publisher              – Penguin Books
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Desire is dangerous. We should always be careful about what we wish for. Suchi Singh Kalra has played with the deepest desires of the protagonist Renu ,  through her words. 

Renu a quintessential house wife, who, despite being a postgraduate, had to sacrifice her career to take care of her husband, kids and an ailing father-in-law. Approaching a midlife crisis, she realises her husband’s disinterest in her. Like a godsent angel or someone who knowingly chose to give her respite from the clolorless life, Arjun enters her life. Renu’s life changes forever. A mysterious writer Maya, who writes erotic romance is the pointer of Renu’s life. The crux of the tale unfolds with the revelation about Maya and also the relationship between Arjun and Renu

Author has a talent to play with words and emotions. Never have I read add book that depicts an extramarital affairs with so much conviction. While the so called YA romance books stuff in unwanted making out sequences to add spice to the book, Suchi has termed her book as an erotic romance but did not unnecessarily stuff sleazy sex. Author has distinguished the lovemaking sequences such that the thin line between erotica and porn has been maintained.

Only glitch in the whole tale was that the sequences with Renu’s husband and Kamini comes at the wrong point. It could have shown to the readers in the beginning before Maya’s introduction so that it would not have looked like it was stuffed in a hurry.


An erotica with decent making out sequences.

Scenario:   3.5 /5

Narration    :   4/5
Character   :   4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 3.5/5

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