My Feathered Friends and The Book of Poems by Sunil Bhatia -Review

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Name   – My Feathered Friends and the Book of Poems.
 Autho – Sunil Bhatia
 Publisher              – Partridge Publications 
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Birds are human being’s friends from time immemorial. We have all have witnessed people who had pet birds and how they were attached to the feathered mates. Sunil Bhatia has come forwards with a novella which depicts a man’s close associations and communications between the birds around him.

We can see pigeons,sparrows,owls,parrots and many more varieties of birds that converse about the deepest secrets about their lives. Imagery of a bird being in a relation is portrayed in such a way that we will be engrossed in the tale time know what happens next. Most of the conversations are analogous to those that we humans have. Author has narrated the whole tale quite palpably.

Next week have a collection of poems by the author in the same. Practically it is two books in one. The poems are all simple yet deep. Most of the poems are Quatrains. Poems are divided into different categories like the mystical, love,fantasy-story, spiritual, humorous, futuristic etc. The fantasy story is a unique category and the whole idea is novel.


Overall the books is an interesting read for the lovers of musing.

Scenario:   4 /5
Narration    :   /5
Character   :   /5
Relevance   :   /5
Research     :/5
Entertainment Quotient: /5

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