Kama by Jaya Misra- Review

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Name          – Kama
 Author                 – Jaya Misra
 Publisher              – Om Books
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India has been called the land of Kamasutra and many Indians who went abroad have heard comments on the line that they will have exemplary carnal experiences since they have read the book. But little do we know the story of Vatsyayana who wrote the ultimate guide to fornication.

Vatsya’s relationships with women have been depicted palpably. Nayantara’s character has come out with most conviction. How she entices other men and got herself enchanted under the spell of Vatsya is the highlight of the whole book. Eventhough Vatsya’s true love is said to be Kamli and later the Princess Ratnavati, for the readers, what completed Vatsyayana is his relationship with Nayantara.

Author has brilliantly conveyed the idea of feminism without prejudice. How the king Narasimha Gupta and his brother violated men and women alike and how shallow their relationship is portrayed without any undue drama. Often erotica is approached as a means of self pleasure but this book could not be tagged as a mere erotica. Author has used her satire in its most fierce form. The triangle between NarasimhaGupta, Ratnavati and Vatsyayana is spicy, touchy and timeless. The author has ensured a balanced narration and numerous subplots have not affected the overall book .


Scenario:   4 /5
Narration    :  4.5 /5
Character   : 4 /5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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