Invisible Girlfriend by EKTA RENU CHANDNA – Review

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Name          – Invisible Girlfriend
 Author                 – Ekta Renu Chandna
 Publisher              – Zorba Books
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The title ‘Invisible Girlfriend’ is sure to generate intrigue in the readers leaving them wondering how the girlfriend became invisible. Siddharth fall heads over heels in love with Angel on the first sight. To his surprise, he finds her in his class, sitting near him. They become friends soon and it doesn’t take so long for the friendship to turn into love. Little did he know that his tryst with AJ, as he calls her, would make her invisible forever.
The plot has a lot of possibilities. Author has a base for a excellent Romantic Fantasy Thriller. 

Author has touched a  delicate topic of discrimination towards girl child. The sincere intention of the author is not lost on the readers. The relation between Sid and AJ has a lot of innocence. 

The style of narration is simple and innocent. Author has seemingly targeted the Teens for the style of narration suggests so. The plot needs a lot of development to come across as an engaging read. The book is an easy read and could be completed within an hour or two. Converging the vast possibilities of the plot to a novella was not a good idea. AJ’s past as well as her being invisible and the further developments needed a thorough background work.


An simple read for the Teens 

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration    :  3 /5
Character   :  3 /5
Entertainment Quotient: 3/5

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