Trust me not by Ankita Verma Datta- Review

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Name          – Trust me not
 Author                 – Ankita Verma Datta
 Publisher              – Jaico Books
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Political thrillers are often considered men’s forté. Very rarely does a woman venture into the genre that too in an indepth fashion. Ankita Verma has crafted a tale so riveting that she has broken the barriers of prejudice against women writers.

The plot could not be elucidated in a unilinear fashion. There are a lot of subplots that develop simultaneously. There is an advertising firm where the female protagonist Reeva works and she is a star performer of the firm. She is introduced to a dashing business tycoon Kunaal Kabi at a marriage funation and they fall in love with each other but Kunaal’s mysterious life makes Reeva ambivalent about the relation. The two parties JBP and NPP which are analogous to the two political giants in India, Arunabh Roy a media shark whose unilinear shows create ruckus in Indian politics, an advertising firm which works for JBP during the elections are all fictional adaptation of real life scenarios. Author has seamlessly connected the subplots without creating any confusions. 

The characters are sketched with conviction and the idiosyncrasies of even the minor characters have come across well. Author has deftly maneuvered the plot to finally fall back in place. Reeva’s unsure mental state regarding her relationship with Kunaal and the consequent repercussions are interesting read. In order to pull of a high end drama author has unduly filled the sumptuous details which came out as a desperate attempt to show Kunaal Kabi as a character that women would die for. Like an Indian version of Christian Grey. The fact that gives greatest comfort is that author has spared the readers of unwanted love making scene. The suspense around the ‘Fixer’ is a debacle as any regular readers could guess it.

Overall the book is a well crafted political thriller.

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration    : 4  /5
Character   :  3.5 /5
Entertainment Quotient:4 /5

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