Superwomen by Prachi Garg- Review

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Name          – Superwomen
 Author                 – Prachi Garg
 Publisher              – Srishti Puclications
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21st century has seen many women entrepreneurs who have written a new history of women empowerment. Prachi Garg has shared the tale of twenty inspiring entrepreneurs with us. 
The book is not just a collection of stories. Author has taken effort to go all the way to meet everyone and know about their journey.

The interesting fact about the book is that it concentrates on the business ventures that are one different from the other. The variety of the ventures itself is the highlight of the book. An NGO for the acid attack victims, a retail lingerie shop, psychological support to the ones suffering, support to the handicraft industry the industries explored by women is diverse. Author has depicted the tale of each woman with empathy. Being an entrepreneur herself, she has done complete justice to the theme of the book.

The level of research and hardwork invested in the book is awe-inspiring. Author has given a concise account of each firm and entrepreneur and the book is systematically edited. The book is a true inspiration to every woman who intends to do something with their life. Readers get the anecdotes from the horse’s mouth and hence there is no more authentic source that could tell us how to be successful.


The book is a well researched account of the success stories of twenty women and is one of the most inspiring book of success.

Narration    :  4 /5
Relevance   :  4 /5
Research     : 4.5/5
Entertainment Quotient:4 /5

This review is in return of a free book from the author.

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