Lori by Charlene Wexler- Review

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Name          – Lori
 Author                 – Charlene Wexler
 Publisher              – Createspace
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A woman’s life is complicated. Concentrating a novel around a woman is as risky as the proverbial Democles Sword. Finding the right balance is the authors largest challenge. Charlene Wexler has ventured into such an arena and has come out as a winner.

Lori a girl full of life, a woman who is carefree, a lady who doesn’t believe in the materialistic beauty and a daughter who had everything but love. The character is all about realism. Lori meets Jerry, a guy who belongs to the working class and whose family is everything that Lori’s isn’t. Jerry indulges in alcohol, which ends him up as an alcoholic. Blessed with two adorable kids, Lori tries to find balance in her life. At an unexpected hour Lori realises that her daughter Julie has cancer. In all her ups and downs, her childhood friend Adele and her husband Jim stands as a support system. The relation between the four of them is deep complicated yet simple. Further, how Lori deals with the demons of her life is what directs the rest of the book.

The style of narration is what hooks the reader to the book. Each character is given a due space. The readers would not forget any character no matter how small the space given. However the emotional side of Jerry is not explored to the fullest since the whole plot is revolving around Lori. The pace of the book is kept moderate and hence enhances the realistic face of the book.

The book is quite large. Some of the details are delved too much that it might be tad bit lagging for the readers. The character of Rain and the part with her father could have avoided since by then the readers would have been almost done by then. Nonetheless, the readers would be forced to hook on to the book to know what is left for Lori.


Lori is a realistic account of a woman who faces the demons of her life with utmost determination.

Scenario:   4 /5
Narration    :  4.5/5
Character   : 5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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