Septopus by Jyotin Goel (illistrated by Rajiv Eipe)- Review

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Name          – Septopus
 Author                 – Jyotin Goel(Illustrated by Rajiv Eipe)
 Publisher              – Red Turtle(Rupa)
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Most of us would connect an octopus to a tacky, sticky thing with ugly tentacles. But Jyotin Goel and Rajiv Eipe has proved that imaginations have no limit. Like a cute Winnie the Pooh, Lovely Peppa pig, we have own Rot8 from India. The uniqueness in coining the names itself is the uniqueness of the book. Rot8, Irit8 etc would force the kids to relate the names to the words that sound similar. It is a good brain and vocabulary exercise for kids. 

Everyone in the sea world is waiting to see the famous Zubair Midha, who comes to see Oct-extra play. While they are sweating blood, there is devious plan by Jai Kalia to sabotage the show by abducting the octopuses. Rot8, with his friends set out to escape and bring their orchestra back to glory.

The book is a perfect one for the kids who have started reading. The brilliant illustrations by Rajiv Eipe adds to the appeal of the book. I read this book to my pre-schooler and I made by six year old daughter read the book. What was common among both was that they liked the octopus world and the deep blue sea equally. They were continuously inquisitive about what is going to happen next and moreover they connected quite well with the characters. The book has all the possibilities to be adopted into an animated movie.


The book is a perfect gift to kids who love stories.

Scenario:   4 /5
Narration    : 5  /5
Character   : 5  /5
Entertainment Quotient: 5/5

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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