Corridors of time by Vinay Krishnan- Review

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Name          – Corridors of Time
 Author                 – Vinay Krishnan
 Publisher              – GJ Group
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Life is a rollercoaster- This might sound like a cliche but there is nothing else we can say, that defines the book ‘The Corridors of Time’. One of the most realistic depiction of someone’s life in an old school fashion, yet appealing to the current generation.

The plot revolves around the life of Rohan, carefree boy who is brought up by an ex-army man and a stickler for discipline. Nonetheless the discipline that his father instilled in him was not enough or perhaps had detrimental effect on the character of the boy who turned out to be a good sports person but a weak student. On getting admission to college he starts playing truant and as a results fails miserable in his studies. Meanwhile he meets Shyla and falls head over heels in love with her, despite the fact that she is married. Taking inspiration from her, he joins evening classes to complete his studies.Foreseeing the trouble that they might land up in future, they decides to end the relation. A dejected Rohan joins an office where he secures a job. There starts the second innings in his life. He meets Chandrika who falls for him. He decides to go with the flow. But Chandrika’s parents are against the relationship and thenceforth problems come his way one by one.

Wevaed around 90s the tale is a realistic depiction of a boy’s life. The tiny bit about Sukumaran’s life is informative about the POW’s lives during the second world war. Author has mentioned that the bit is taken from the same person’s diary and hence is authentic. The relation between a married woman and a bachelor is always depicted with the lust angle and here, eventhough there is a bit of lovemaking, author has judiciously skipped the graphic details. From the point where Roham meets Chandrika, the tale all the more realistic and there wouldn’t be any single person in the Indian household who could not relate to it. 
There were numerous subplots, and hence the subplots are rushed. Had the author reduced the subplots and skipped some of te irrelevant parts, the book would have been more engaging to read. On a personal note, I believe that the book is a fictional adaptation of the author’s autobiography. The climax was unwanted and stood out like a sore thumb. But author has mentioned in his note that the climax is his intense desire to witness a similar outcome, which, in the current scenario is quite relevant. Though written in the 90s the book is relevant even now and is reflective of a middle income family life even now.


Overall the book is a good realistic read with numerous sub plots.
Scenario     :  3.5/5
Narration    : 4 /5
Character   :  4/5
Relevance   :  4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 3.5 /5

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