For a Girl in a Star by Ratna Chandu- Review

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Tragedy is the most trending genre these days. However the tale unfold, if there is tragedy, the book will have something that lingers to the reader. The pain of the tragedy will haunt the psyche . One such book which is in the same line is ‘For the Girl in a Star.’

Avinash sets out to receive his childhood soulmate Sahas who has come to stay with him and pursue his studies. From a rural village to the busy city, Sahas struggles to find his balance. While in Bangalore Sahas is left to face the demons that he had struggled to bury throughout his life.  Meanwhile both friends finds their soulmates. While Avinash is in the throes of love, Sahas finds it difficult to open up to the girl who changed how he views life. While misunderstandings and ego creep in and starts to destroy their beautiful friendship, a tragedy centrifuges their lives irreversibly. Will they solve their troubles? Who will get the girl? What is the tragedy that changes their lives forever?

The story is a simple, friendship an love story that we can read over a cup of coffee. The friendship between Avinash and Sahas is filled with warmth and innocence. Sahas’s dark past and his encounter with Dayanand is a distraction from the monotone of the book. How Avinash met Arti is a cliche but the same is dealt with little more life when it comes to Sahas. There are a lot of cliches which could be a turn off if not for the pace with which the incidents move.
The second half of the book is a breather for it is where all the action happens. The graph of the emotions and twists is steep and author has maintained the suspense quite well towards the last part of the book.

The characters are crafted quite well especially that of Sahas and Dayanand. Arti could have been given more space apart from the fantasies of the guys. The book cover is exemplary and coveys a lot about the general mood of the book.


Overall the book is a simple read with a lot of cliche. I recommend it to those who want simple easy reads.

Scenario:   3 /5
Narration    :  4 /5
Character   :   4/5
Relevance   :   3/5
Entertainment Quotient: 3/5

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