Eating the Big Fish by Adam Morgan- Review

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Name          – Eating the Big Fish
 Author                 – Adam Morgan
 Publisher              – Wiley India
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As management students, we have studies numerous gigantic books that have shaped our future through influencing our attitude but through time we learn that the bookish knowledge is not practical and does not help us in the long run. Very few management books have given us the practical aspect of business. Eating the big fish is one of the books the books that could be included in the practical deal.

Author gives a heads up on how one should make themselves ready to become No.1. Author reinforces the importance of being aware of and analysing the points that we should consider as challengers and advises to give a different approach so as to have a lead. Further the eight credos of successful challenger brand is all that one need to know about how to confront your competitor. A major point that author has put forth is that to become No.1, think like No.2. 

The book is not only educational and informative, it is inspirational. Author has touched all the aspects of management ,advertising etc and there is nothing left that we should worry about. The book is an all rounder cosmopolitan account of how to lead a business into the No.1 position.


Scenario      :   4 /5
Narration    :  4 /5
Relevance   : 5 /5
Research     :5/5
Educative Quotient: 5/5

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