IT @ D-day by Anirban Basu- Review

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Name          – IT @ D-day
 Author                 – Anirban Basu
 Publisher              – Lifi Publications
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My Review
Rating : 3.0

A machine that challenges it’s creator and take him to such extend that he is forced to shut it down but cannot attain the the aim. A scientist who uses his disciple for his experiments. A perfect plot to weave a cliffhanger of fantasy or sci-fi. Was the basic plot used to its fullest? Let’s analyse.

The plot begins with a scenario of unnatural deaths of three unrelated persons. It doesn’t take much time for Dr. Siddharth Mukerjee, the scientist to realise that it is his creation I-Tend, that is behind this bizarre phenomena of people breathing their last on picking up the telephone receiver. Heartbroken, Dr. Mukherjee along with Dr.Bagchi decide to shutdown the machine to avoid further mishaps but little did they know that their heart borne, technology borne child has become the Frankenstein. Within minute the two doctors falls down and two motionless bodies remain. Simultaneously Dr. Bagchi wakes up at the table of Dr. Chowdhary’s experiment table. Later Dr.Mukherjee wakes up to see that Dr. Bagchi has disappeared. How did Dr. Bagchi be present at two different places simultaneously? Who is the second one? Who is real? Will Dr. Mukherjee be able to shutdown I-Tend?

The plot has a lot of possibilities when it comes to fantasy as well as suspense. Did the author utilize the possibilities to the fullest extend is something debatable. The book is surely inspired from different books. While reading the scenario of the creation turning against the creator,the name of Frankenstein came to my mind and the name is mentioned in the book as well. Likewise the cloning part could be counted as an inspiration from the controversy that occurred when the first clone was created. Basically there is not much imagination when it comes to the sci-fi part. The ideas are mere inspirations and any degree of loyalty cannot be attributed. The pace of the plot is mediocre but consistent. Apart from the mono-dimensional scenario, the background of the characters are not portrayed. Nevertheless the idiosyncrasies of the characters are conveyed with conviction. The cover page reflects the overall mood of the book. 

Overall the book is a decent YA Sci-Fi 

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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