Letters from Kargil by Diksha Dwivedi- Review

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Name          – Letters from Kargil
 Author                 – Diksha Dwivedi
 Publisher              – Juggernaut
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My Review
Rating : 4.0

If unique is a word, this is what it means. If being different is a quality, the book is brimful of it. Of late, no other books have depicted the Kargil war with this level of authenticity to the readers. Diksha Dwivedi, daughter of Major C.B.Dwivedi, who was one among the the hundreds of martyrs in the Kargil war. For Indians living in this era, the word war is synonymous to Kargil. There are numerous battles on the borders afterwards and time and again a lot of soldiers have sacrificed their lives for their homeland but Kargil war is rememered as the real war because of the number of lives sacrificed and the level of challenge posed in the border. No one can explain this to the readers but the soldiers themselves.

Diksha, through her book Letters from Kargil, tell the readers about the war through the soldiers’ eyes. Through the letter that the soldiers sent their loved ones. The book portrays the difficulty of the seemingly impossible task in hand when the Operation Vijay was announced. Right from the first attack to the announcement of Operation Vijay to the victory, each an every happenings are systematically depicted with the help of the letters from the soldiers. Author has done a stupendous job in collecting the letters from the families of the martyrs.

For Diksha, as a kin of the deceased, it would have been opening the wound while goind through the letters but she has done an excellent job at that, keeping the emotions aside. The book is short but will never let the readers feel that it is not priceworthy due to the size but on the other hand the value of the book is beyond the size or word count. It is practically impossible for the laymen to imagine the level of difficulty faced by the soldiers at the border. ” Twenty for hours without food and water and I have started urinating blood.” Can you imagine such a situation in a fiction book. Will you believe if it is humanly possible? No, because our soldiers, our heroes are slefless superheroes and there cannot be a better tribute to them

Salute to the great souls who embraced the eternal sleep to let us sleep peacefully and hats off to Diksha for her effort

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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