Fate’s Design by Subhashish Dey-Review

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Name          – Fate’s Design
 Author                 – Subhashish Dey
 Publisher              – Good Times Book Pvt Ltd
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My Review
Rating : 3.0

While reviewing the book, I was split between whether I should review the book as any other book or if I should review it as a book of a fourteen year old boy. Finally I decided to review it as any other book. I will cite the reasons below.

The plot begins with a little girl, Natalia, being kidnapped right from the cosiness of her bedroom to another world. The kidnapper is asked to kill the girl after getting the ransom amount. The parents, Irina and Andrei, who lost their kid, waits to see their daughter back, after paying the ransom, only to identify a body that was washed over and two days old. Heartbroken, Irina decides to leave her husband Andrei and son Felix. Anastasaii, who was given the task of kidnapping and murdering the kid chooses to save her by taking her away from his boss who has delegated the task.There starts a new life for the characters which forms the second part of the plot. Irina becomes a bar singer, Felix and Andrei slowly puts the pieces together and builds their own life. Natalia grows up as Anastasaii’s daughter. The part of the story is full of twists and suspense and I leave it to the readers to decides if it worked out or not. The third part of the book is about a pop star Anterope who in turn unites the family of Andreii. Who is Anterope? What is her story? Will he family unite?

Overall narration is matured and looks professional but in between some part of the narration becomes amateurish. We could give a benefit of doubt for the age of the author but some of the dialogues in between forces me overlook the fact that a kid wrote the book. For instance the dialogue “Mom, are you into girls? ” Keeping that in mind readers could assume that the author is way too matured, well read and experienced for his age. While the plot reaches the second half, how the plot would be progressing becomes predictable. The character craft is where the plot falls off with respect to the comparative graph. The pace of the plot is not consistent. Nevertheless the effort that is invested in the book could not be overlooked. A strong message about relations is the highlight of the book. 

Overall the book is a simple read with slightly complicated plot. 

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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