Second Chance by Sandeep Jatwa- Review

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Name          – Second Chance
 Author                 – Sandeep Jatwa
 Publisher              – Educreation Publishing
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My Review
Rating : 3.5

Will life give u all a second chance? If given a chance will you try to change your mistakes? Sandeep Jatwa, through his book Second Chance brings forth a mystical fantasy and contemporary fiction. 

Sekhar Kapoor the owner of a billion dollar company ,Aerowalk is an arrogant, insensitive and cruel human being who doesn’t have any interest in others’ lives and pain. He thinks that the poor are to be detested and ignored or more to say, dead. He looks are the lower human beings, as he considers the poorer, with repugnance. He insults the senior and junior employees alike, unless they concur to his vile life style by making the ‘arrangements’. He insults the beggers whom he see, ignores the people whom he hurt and whose lives he reduced to rags. 

While flying high under the intoxication of power and success, Sekhar gets a call from an unknown person who warns him to stop his vile doings,lest he faces unbearable outcome. Sekhar ignores the repeated warnings and after the last warning is ignores, City of justice welcomes him and takes him away from the materialistic world. In the city of justice, he faces a trial and is subjected to punishments according to the injustice acted by him. Will Sekhar get a second chance? Will he try to make things right or go on with his habit of hurting others?

Second chance is a suspense thriller, fantasy and contemporary fiction. The books comes under various genres yet does not fit completely into any. The storyline is substantial and interesting. In current scenario, we can come across numerous Sekhar Kapoors who give no priority to emotions and relations. The book can be an eye opener to many since the mistakes Sekhar did could be committed by most of the readers, atleast one if not all. While Sekhar faces trial, readers would be forced to think what if I too had to face the same. The punishments mentioned in the book could not be considered as unique since same terms we have seen in movies. The plot has a lot of possibilities but a round of developmental edit and proofreading is to be done. The narration is good but somewhere down the line sounded amateurish. The book could have been a moral lesson for the teenagers if not for the expletives that were lavishly used throughout the book. 

Overall the book is an interesting and easy read with a lucid plot in need of a round of editing.

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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