Capuccino Confessions by Anita Kumar- Review

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Name          – Capuccino Confessions 
 Author                 – Anita Kumar
 Publisher              – Om Books International 
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Rating : 4.0

Quite often than not we tend to guard our life or secrets to a point that we live a life full of pretensions. In an attempt to comply with the societal norms, we end up cheating ourselves. Be it a broken marriage, broken marriage or extra marital affair, the demons of our life will change is into that person whom we no longer recognise. 

Shivani and Richa are best friends. They share every single thing in their life with each other and stand by each other without a tinge of judgement. Shivani, who was born in an orthodox family to an autocratic mother is forced into a marriage with someone who was more of a business ally than a life partner. After the initial marital bliss, Shivani struggles to recognize herself with her husband. He is a good person but not a right person for her. She approaches her mother with an idea of divorce only to be welcomed with a tiger slap. On the other hand Richa is the master of her life. After two divorces, shameless finds solace in the carnal foray through the ‘Sugar Daddies’, who shower their monetary and materialistic love on her. Even after being pampered endlessly Richa could not find her Mr. Right in any of her boyfriends.  Nevertheless she pursues the search for love of her life defying the deep reality of what her soul genuinely want. In order to overcome the blandness in her family life, Shivani’s mother gives her an advice that changes her relationship with her mother for good and so does her friendship with Richa

What is the advice that Shivani’s mother gives her? What is the deep secret that Richa tries to hide? How does it affect her friendship with Shivani? Will Richa find her Mr Right.

The overall mood of the book is melancholic. Author has delved into the emotional and psychological impact of life on the two female protagonists. The plot is a  nexus of genres. Contemporary fiction, psychological fiction and women’s fiction are interwoven seamlessly to convey a social message.

Coming to the characters, the strongest point in the book, Sivani and Richa are the protagonists and hence the riders of the storyline but Shivani’s mother’s character is what defines a woman who is indeed living under the shackles of societal norms yet with an exuberant character she is distinctive, variable and unpredictable. Eventhough female characters are primary, the male characters are given definitive space. With a realistic climax, author has put the last piece in place.

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

Extracted from Cappuccino Confessions by Anita Kumar

Published by Om Books International

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