Krishna Challenge -Raising voice against injustice.

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Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. No, I am not teaching you physics but I am telling you to react. If a kid is whacked mercilessly, if a woman is molested, if an old person-man or woman- is neglected, we just move our way because we are busy. We don’t have time. If someone shows the mettle to raise voice, then there would be two section of people. One in favor and one against.
Lord Krishna, asked Arjuna to do his Karma without expecting the results. I ask the new gen Arjunas to raise voice against injustices without thinking of what others would presume. This is a challenge in itself. The Krishna Challenge for the 21st century- Kaluyug. Before asking you folks to take up the challenge, I would like to introduce one of the challenger, who took the Krishna Challenge, even before the name was coined. She is from Kerala. I request my readers to come up with similar instances in your area.

I am sharing my experience. When I was studying for MSc. Biotechnology, one of my teachers was molested by a graduation student. Teacher was exasperated by this and called him a bastard. She was asked by the principal to apologize for the obscene word used in the college premises, by the principal. The molester, with his friends attacked the staff room and destroyed the college properties. We, the post graduation students called the college chairman, who agreed to reach the immediately. Surprisingly, the principal asked the teachers to clean up the mess, as if they created the fuss. We could not tolerate more of this malice that we, along with our juniors boycotted the classes.
I would not say that we were right but we picketed principal’s room forcing him to take action against the thugs in student’s disguise.

PS: We were successful in our protests but I had to suffer quite a bit to get my TC and conduct certificate at the end of the course. Ironically none, not even the teachers stood for me.
This is my Krishna’s Challenge.

I would like to share another story of a girl called Arya. A sweet little girl. She was walking into her school when she attended a women empowerment program conducted by the school authorities. In the light of the Nirbhaya case, it was a fashion to conduct such programs.(nothing of that sort is happening now). Well, what she heard in the so called program shook her heart, hurt her womanhood.

An elderly person, who was appointed by the government. His eloquent request, no order, was that girls shouldn’t wear jeans. Another one was that girls should not run around, jump around. She thought ‘Why is it so. My parents never told me this. Were they wrong?’
To find the answer she continued to listen.

The reason is that if the girls run around, or wear jeans their uterus will shake or take damage and eventually it would be difficult for you to conceive.
Arya was like “Did I hear correctly?”

 The girl, the woman in her could not hear more of these atrocities. She took a few steps forward and looked around. She was surprised to see her friends and teachers silently listening to the absurdity. The surge of adrenaline went to her throat. She howled at the top of her voice and walked away from the dias of hypocrisy. The media present in the venue celebrated the hot news, conducted talk shows, debates and analysed if what she did was right. Ironically, none of the media person reacted to the foolish rant of the person.

So, how did P.T Usha, Shiny Wilson, Mary Kom etc them give birth to children? Didn’t their uterus take damage?

To sum up I would like to share the dialogue from a Malayalam movie called ‘Rani Padmini’. If someone praises you saying that you are soft spoken and well behaved, don’t beam with pride. It is a trap to make you fold your wings inside. Without wings, how will you fly?

P$.: The Krishna Challenge is not directly connected to the book
The Curse of Brahma ,

but the challenge is inspired from the term coined by the author- Jagmohan Bhanver.

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