“Prominent Satvik quality in me is closely chased by Rajasik”, Says Hari Parameshwar. In conversation with the author of The Pillar Invisible

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Hello everyone,
Today I have a
special person with us. A multifaceted personality— well-known life coach, yoga expert, corporate
spiritualist, and advocate of New Age philosophy, is also a renowned
environmentalist and a sustainability expert and a writer. Hari Parameshwar the
author of ‘The Pillar Invisible’ and many other books.


to my virtual tete a tete

Tell the readers about your various areas of expertise
Hari : Expertise? I don’t consider me an expert in anything, despite
putting my hands in many areas. I am the one who can’t rivet to anything forever,
so it’s good to have many rooms to dwell in.

How do you manage to balance everything?
Hari : Balancing life is a dreary phrase, something we hear
every now and then. Truthfully, the imbalance in life is the drive that makes
us move ahead. 

So, Who is Hari Parameshwar, as a person
Hari : An ordinary guy, with lots many weaknesses and a few
extraordinary strengths. Not frustrated with life, yet mystified with its
mysteries!  I am a single parent to two

Tell me about your writing career
Hari : It was a childhood hobby, abandoned later for the sake
of my profession. I’ve been a hardcore engineer busy building airports and
urban infrastructure with no time to spare for perusing passions. But I rediscovered
that thrust in me a few years back and managed to create time for writing.
Three books have been published so far. Fourth is in making.   

When do you write?
Hari : When I am restless.
Tell me about your new book?
Hari: A
mystical thriller, uncovering the fourth partner, invisible, of Tasāra Group of Companies, is a fervent attempt to
unveil the indispensable yet commonly ignored “missing element” in today’s
corporates.  By digging up the “black
holes” in the lives of Tasāra’s three founders, through the emotional roller-coasters
of  Satya, Raja, and Tom, the book
reveals how the invisible ‘fourth element’ — the outcome of a deadly
combination, a balanced mix of three gunas
— could aid in building  truly
sustainable businesses, bringing colossal changes to the world. It also
divulges the universal mysteries that can transform individuals into devotees
of humanity, besides edifying many pristine perspectives on corporate ethics.
Moreover, the book would aid one to discover own missing facet of life besides evaluating own guna-mix and its
returns and detriments. 

Do you feel that the corporate world should be balanced
philanthropically, spiritually and intellectually?
Hari : Emotionally as well!

Which of the characters (gunas) do you relate yourself to?
Hari : Chapter 5, Book 4 of “The Pillar Invisible” helps the readers
to discern their own governing qualities (gunas). That chapter is built on the fundamentals
of Indian ancient wisdom and based on the leads provided by numerous researchers
on the topic. So it needs to be true! I too underwent a test and the outcome
was not any surprising. Prominent Satvik quality in me is closely chased by
Rajasik, ensuing a mental state that assures me of unceasing internal sufferings.
How do you react to the argument that ‘Nirguna’ hinders
Hari : I am unaware of such arguments and unsure of the sense
in which ‘Nirguna’ is applied in such debates if they exist. Nirguna is
supposed to be nothingness that contains everything. That’s the true state of
this universe, a state of perfection and equilibrium that everyone strives to
achieve, though futilely.
Tell me about your experience with the publishing industry
Hari : It’s an industry like any other business, with its own
charms and challenges. A writer need to fit into it, aligning with its rhythm
and pace. Nothing more to say.
Do you feel that it is difficult for a new writer to prosper,
without much contacts?
Hari : I never had any contacts in publishing industry. All
my books came to light through submissions in proper channel. I also don’t
believe that all leading authors have become famous because of their contacts
in the industry, as their life-stories are open to the world.  The trend today seems like writers are
outnumbering readers as every reader wants to be a writer. Publishing industry
can however sustain only on balancing supply-demand. Excess supply seems to be
an issue today, posing great challenge to authors.
Could you use your professional contacts for your book?
Hari : If one’s profession is distinct from his/her passion,
it’s hard to align them together or complement each other. In such a scenario,
the professional contacts may not add any value. On the contrary, it could
create conflicts.
Do you think that getting good reviews is important for the
success of a book?
Hari : I think it has to be on the other way. If a book
succeeds, it’ll attract good reviews.
What do you say about good/ bad reviews?
Hari : Reviews have to be honest! That’s it.

Q      Do you think that other well
written books just don’t sell?
Hari : I don’t think so.

Q      What do you think of “trailers”
for books?
Hari : It’s a good idea if your fans are eagerly waiting for
your new book. Or else, it’s of less use.

Q      Do you have a trailer or do you
intend to create one for your own book/s?

Hari : This simple one was created by myself during my free

Q      What advice would you give to
aspiring writers?
Hari : Write for freeing yourself from the burdens of your
irrepressible agonies. Let it flow out on its own. Don’t force yourself to
write, as a victim of your own craving to publish.

Q      Where do you see publishing going
in the future?
Hari : The industry will certainly undergo technological
transformation. But it’ll sustain evergreen as long as the human societies

Q      Is there anything else you would
like to add that I haven’t included?
Hari : Do please convey your reading experience! Honest
feedback from readers are very crucial for a writer.

Q      How can readers discover more
about you and you work?
Hari :
Pillar Invisible:
of Choices:
Paths Many Answers:
Thank you very
much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this

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