Gaudy love Cold lust

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Waiting time is what we cannot compromise for. The worst predicament whether you are waiting for good or bad. 

Waiting to get married after engagement, waiting to get divorced after filing the petition, waiting to be hanged after being sentenced, waiting to be published after finishing the manuscript, waiting for movie release after the editing, waiting for the results after the exams. These are all the waits that we cannot compromise. Well now you are waiting for the opening of the most trustable and sophisticated jewelry shop,Gaudy, in Kerala, Now you compromise is over, we are reopening on the 21st, to be inaugurated by the top Bollywood actress Miss universe soundarya.Come, and be a part of this historic moment. First fifty customers get to take a free snap with XYZ and a gold coin.  A purchase for more than one lakh earns you a chance to win a BMW’
Lekha read the brochure with excitement. ‘I should nag him to take me to the inauguration. Anyways he will be interested in meeting Soundarya’ she thought.
She took the phone and dialed “Hey sweetheart, whats up?’
“Are you okay”, her husband asked in concern.
“Yeah , what happened?”she asked.
“Nothing, its just been an hour since I left and you are asking me whats up?” he said.
She circled the table with her point finger. :Actually, I wanted to know if you are free this afternoon.”
“Not really, Why?”
“Today is the Gaudy Jewelry Inauguration.  There are a lot of offers and Soundarya is coming to inaugurate.”
Hearing Soundarya’s name his face lit up. He straightened his posture. “Oh, dear, let me try. If you really wanted to go, I will try to take leave.” He said.
Lekha chewed her anger.’So, Soundarya can reschedule his busy job.’ she angrily thought but she knew better than to fight at that moment. “Oh baby, how sweet of you, I will get ready okay?”

“Okay dear, I will reach there by one. Bye.'”
She kept the phone and ran to the bedroom. She rummaged through the wardrobe and took dress after dress she tried each dresses and saw if it made her look prettier than Soundarya. Finally settled for a jeans and maaki jacket designed by Karan Johar. ‘Let her see I wear designer clothes.” She thought.
Lekha’s husband picked her and they reached the jewelry on time. The jewelry was not mere jewelry but an ocean of human beings. Men came for Soundarya and women came for the offer. Lekha tried to squeeze in but could not move an inch. Her husband glared her but she did not notice since she was trying to find the way in. Forgetting about her husband, she tried to budge through the crowd. Suddenly a hand crawled through her thighs and grabbed her butts. She was shocked to see that a man was happily and carelessly groping her. She turned to see her husband but she realized painfully that in a hurry to get to the front, she had left her husband back. Tears rolled down her face. She raised her hands to slap the man when she noticed a fuss on the stage where Soundarya stood. She was startled to see that her husband was being beaten by the actress’s security. The word spread like fire. An IT professional groped the super actress Soundarya. She looked down in embarrassment. The media is all over the place. The camera swarmed around her husband to get the glimpse of the molester. Lekha gulped her pain. Her groper had trailed up from her butts. She closed her eyes and gave in.
The jewelry inauguration became a mess, so did their marital life. The jewelry started working the next day itself, as if nothing happened the day before.
A week later,Lekha sat before a solicitor to file divorce
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