A foetus mourns

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A small bit of flesh sticking on to the womb.
 Growing and getting the shape of a tadpole, an ape
Emerging technology lettting mother watch her child
Growing inside her womb
 What an intoxication

How does she possess the audacity
Why does she renouce my soul
Poverty, beauty, convenience
Oh im not ready, oh I’m not settled
oh I’m not married
what so ever

Did I choose to come to this world
When he is inside u want him more n more
When I’m inside u want to cut me off

Debate n discuss on how to protect your child
Don’t, go out in the dark
Don’t go out alone
Dont trust anyone
These are all tonics of protection

But what tonic can save me from you Ma
From  mother who murders her child
From a witch who deprives her own child
Of its right to exist

Am I just a price of flesh
Am I just an ingredient of cosmetics

I too want to live
I too want to exist
oh lord! ! take me away from this bedeviled womb

There is some one out there
Longing for a baby
Eager for the innocence

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