cultural suicides

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Please tell me that its a trailer of Bollywood masala movie. I myself being a mother cannot comprehend the story behind Sheena Bora murder. A mother introducing her own children as her siblings! Are you kidding me? I don’t think that it’s true. It might be the screenplay of one of the serials in their own channel. She tried to kill her own children to cover up the reality and for money. Yes, money is that matters. She killed the child who was once a part of her. Did the money save her. God always leaves a trail of truth in every murder, here also he did it.

Thinking about the incident I think about relations. Why are the relations getting more and more fragile. Why communication degrading in families. Couples came for a candle light dinner and indulged themselves before the phone  tick tick tick.
Kids spend their time in front of social networking sites. Abandoning porn was the greatest atrocity that the government did. Isn’t it?
Well the irony is that all these happens in a country which is culturally rich. This is culture!!!
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