A scorching client meet

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“The cutting edge fashion is all that matters. Boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, boot cut jeans. Bought everything so that I won’t look obsolete when the new trends butt in.” She fingered her new photograph. She was wearing a peplum top with skinny jeans and an aviator sunglasses with thin strap watch.
” its high time I change this photo. Skinny jeans and thin strap watches are all outdated you know. Had anyone seen this , they would have thought that I have no idea about anything. If they tell someone that Katy has no fashion sense, then I’m finished.”
Katy was amidst a business meeting with the Managing Director of their client.
” Did your Bose tell you to allure your client” her client touched her with his gaze right from her neck, down the cleavage distinguished by her immaculately white top.
” Well, if he had, will you blame him? Won’t you try to put out the burning fire?”
“Burning fire” he bit his tongue with his molars and lounged back in his chair to have a better look of her body. ” where is the fire? In my groins? Do you really think that I was looking for an ejaculation on a professional basis?”
” If you are, then I’m game.” She launched into his body.
“I cannot take my eyes off you? Remove the top” He kept staring at her cleavage.
“I know damn hot”
“Is it? Did it burn your skin?” He asked in concern. A frown brought her eyebrows together.
“The coffee”
She looked at the coffee cup and back to him inquisitively
“I cannot take my eyes off the coffee stain on your white top” he ran his fingers through her face and she sprang upright.
“If you could remove the top, I will give you a demonstration of my detergent.”
” Demo? Aren’t you Ajay Singhania?”
“No ma’am. I am Happy Singh. Sales man of ‘clean and tidy’ detergent!”

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