Love is in the air

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“Carby darling, why do u leave the place when I reach the location. Why are you so cross with me?” Exclaimed Oxy

” I have been hitting on you from time immemorial. Cant, you see the intensity of my love?” Oxy shouted looking at eternity

“Do you know nitro?! I love her so much and I have always wanted her with me but she never tried to understand my virtuous passion. I have been waiting for her for hours. You have been our closest friend. Can’t you see the injustice? Can’t you see that I am down in the dumps? What kind of a friend are you. Don’t you feel that you should speak up for your buddy?”Oxy was so uncontrollable that nitro started losing it.

“Oh, Common oxy don’t overreact. You have been waiting for her for hours? If so the location wouldn’t have existed at all. ‘She might not be interested. She might want to be celibate’.Why don’t you understand you are not meant to be. Your union would be a global disaster. For the good of humanity, for the goodness of life.”
Carby was listening to the whole conversation.”Are you people kidding me? It’s not meant to be. Celibate? And me!! Do you really think that I am running away from Oxy?? I had been waiting for him at this location for so long. He doesn’t have any intention of coming and I am waiting for him. Because of his obstinacy, the fake oxy teamed up with the mask and started launching a terrorist attack on the location. If the terrorist captures the location, then there would not be any coming back. You better keep that in mind”

“Will you people stop fighting?” Nitro was exasperated ” Go and save your location first. “Finally oxy acquiesced and agreed to enter the location. As soon as oxy entered the location, the terrorists were kicked away and finally nitro, oxy and carby started their merry go round game in the location.
Their story never ended as a HAPPILY EVER AFTER STORY
Still, they fight and leaves the location, still threaten each other about the lost abode. Eventually, the location shuts down for good. The friends set off again in search of another haven.

To spread love, they sacrificed theirs  and love is in the air

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