Gone with the wind

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Her only book
An epic that still connects with the present generation. How could she think of a negative protagonist, 60 years back! The selfish, ruthless, passionate, determined, confident Scarlett’O’Harra. The strongest female protagonist ever portrayed in the history of literature. The book ‘Gone with the Wind’ by Margarett Mitchell incited a new interest in me – Historical fiction.

One book for a lifetime:

If I had to write one book for a lifetime, this would be the one. Gone with the wind is one book that forced me to embrace my writing cap and start sketching the words down to paper. If I ever could be one character, it would be Scarlett O Hara. Howsoever we try to hate her, we won’t able to break the aura that she has created with her attitude. Margaret Mitchell has crafted a character that could be the reference to many characters in the years to come by.
If I am asked about my favorite book, I would not have to think twice.
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