The canarian flight

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“Why on earth should I
cover my face or conceal my identity? Just because a few stray dogs bit me, I
am not going to retract into a cocoon. I don’t want to be called after my
birthplace or where I was attacked­­­­­­. Call me by my name. I’m Swathy.
Don’t ever blur my face on any media. If anyone is to be afraid or ashamed,
it’s my attackers. Moreover, to those who intend to torture me with your
sarcasm, I just have say one thing: Don’t you dare! “ Swathy has determined to
fight the world.
Suddenly a handsome
male appeared from nowhere “News hour would be right back. Meanwhile do send in
your response to the audience poll question, ‘Should the rape victims reveal
their identity?’ SMS format NP space Y for yes and N for no”
Avantika had forgotten
that she turned on the TV to watch her bestie, Yami, the naughty canary on TV. 

She was not
surprised to see Swathy’s fighting spirit.  What surprised her was the audacity of the man who declared an
audience poll on what Yami had said. He traded her courage. ‘Do send us SMS so that we can get our share
of money from the service providers as well as a matter for the debate show,
the next day. Then, some dumbo duffers would assemble and discuss the pros and
cons of her personal decision.’
“Where the six
Canaries, where the 6 strangers who doesn’t even know where each other exists
or even exist or not, for that matter.” said Ananya. “If not for this incident,
I would never know anything about Yami. Shall we go back to Kochi? We should
try to find all the 6 canaries, shouldn’t we?”

Avantika kept staring
at the wall. She still could not believe how time maneuvered their lives to
unforeseen circumstances. She had enough for the day. The revelation she had
that day about the three canaries was more than what she could take. NOW WHAT MORE IS IN STORE? 

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