Book Spotlight – Water Veil Nikhil D Hegde

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As the spotlight falls on a new book which is up for review in our blog, we are delighted to present Water Veil by Nikhil D Hegde before our readers.

Book Spotlight - Water Veil

Book Name: Water Veil

Author: Nikhil D Hegde

Publisher: Viswakarma Publications

Length: 184 Pages

Reading Age: 10 Years and Up

About the book – Description

Water veil by Nikhil Hegde

Leela discovers an ancestral connection to a hidden valley steeped in tradition but mired in myth. As the last of her family, she wants to honour the protected Tarangini waterfalls. But a dangerous mishap strikes at the place, bringing alive strange visions from the past. Fearing for her ten-year-old daughter she almost lost, Leela walks away from the valley. Years later however, along with her monk friend she resolves to take on those who would abuse the power of the Tarangini. But the falls pose a mystery that only gets deeper as it unravels. And its inheritor must submit to its will.

About the author

Nikhil was born in Mumbai, where a career in engineering began and took him to Dubai and the U.S. later on. Writing was only a distant plan all this while.
Returning to India, however, he dove into it headlong and came up with a few short stories. One of these found its way to publication in the Sunday Herald in Bangalore.
The Water Veil is Nikhil’s debut novel. Alongside his daytime work in education technology, Nikhil is now focused on his second book.

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