A Mystic Tale Of Mystery By Nikhil D Hegde

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A book that doesn’t fall into any genre is one book that could entice all the readers. Water Veil by Nikhil D Hegde is a literary feast for the readers across genres.


Water Veil by Nikhil D Hegde


Leela discovers an ancestral connection to a hidden valley steeped in tradition but mired in myth. As the last of her family, she wants to honour the protected Tarangini waterfalls. But a dangerous mishap strikes at the place, bringing alive strange visions from the past. Fearing for her ten-year-old daughter she almost lost, Leela walks away from the valley.
Years later however, along with her monk friend she resolves to take on those who would abuse the power of the Tarangini. But the falls pose a mystery that only gets deeper as it unravels. And its inheritor must submit to its will.


This is a captivating book that effortlessly spans the genres of fantasy, mystery, and thriller, initiating its gripping narrative with a heart-racing encounter with a bear. The author skillfully orchestrates this sequence, immersing readers in Moorie’s world right from the outset.

The tale takes us into a realm where fantasy and mystery intertwine seamlessly. It strikes a chord within our hearts and leaves a poignant imprint on our memories. The narrative establishes an immediate connection between the readers and the characters. The plot itself emerges as a compelling character, steering the narrative’s momentum.

The characters are intricately interwoven with the storyline, and have ample room for development. As the plot unfurls, the title of the book assumes its significance, as hidden behind the veil of cascading waterfalls lies the enigma of life and ancestral history. Leela’s exploration of her ancestral property serves as a gateway to a newfound realm of fantasy, unveiling the untold stories of her forebears. The gradual revelation of each layer adds an enthralling dimension to the narrative, ensuring that every page is filled with intrigue and anticipation.

Overall the book is a short yet enchanting read for all fantasy and mystery lovers.

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