The Best Seller She Wrote By Ravi Subramaniam – A Different Yet Cliche Trope

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 When I got the book The Bestseller She Wrote fore review,
the subtitle ‘adapted into an Amazon Prime Web Series named Bestseller is what
caught my attention. I had watched the series and had shared a review that the
story was good but the execution especially the acting of Shruti Hassan didn’t
fit the bill for me. Keeping this prejudice in mind I grabbed the copy just to
see if the ‘book is always better than the visual media adaption’, the belief
that I have always kept is proven again.

The plot takes off in a slow pace when the protagonist
Aditya, a celebrity author, was attending a fan meet wherein he meets a random
girl, whom questions his ideology that a book is a product. Further we see how
their equation changes the shades and how Aditya’s life changes irreversibly –
both professionally personally.

The different attempt

I have read Ravi Subramaniam’s previous books and have felt
that there is an Indian version of John Grisham in his books. But on the
contrary, the Bestseller She Wrote is crafted more like a romantic stint with
some thrilling element. I liked how the author has deftly added layers to the
characters and established a preset notion about everyone which connected with
the audience instantly. The effortless narration hooks the readers both out of
curiosity and interest.

However, the antagonist has been in a template that we have
read before. Hence the pattern was predictable, unlike the author’s previous
books. The climax which lacked substance dampened the plot significantly but
how the author finally brought the shades of all characters on one layer is an
interesting observation for someone who wants to analyse how human mind works.

Infidelity, ethics and logic in relationships

The author has shared several observations about how a
relationship works and also how infidelity slowly creeps into a relationship. I
have highlighted several lines as they resonate with many real stories that I
have come across. The book left me wondering how the author has a deep
understanding about the human minds. The parts where he is narrating the layers
of an extramarital relation as well as how if affects the both parties are
relatable at several levels.

The web series and the book

Though the book is adapted into a web series, I could not find
much parallels between the plots. There were several references of the
discrepancies in the stories written by the antagonist, which was probably
extrapolated in the web series. Hence comparing both was not easy as both are
being placed at different levels. However, the character portrayal of the
antagonist is much more engaging in the book than was executed by the actress. The
character could have been explored more in the book because it is a layered
character with lot of possibilities of having engaging subplots.

Overall the book is an engaging, quality read. You will love
it if you like Indian style contemporary fiction with a tinge of suspense

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