Outset Books Kids’ Anthology

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 After two seasons of Little Reader, we are back with a new initiative for the little writers and readers. Outset Kids’ Anthology is an initiative to feature the little writers.

Outset Books Kids’ Anthology

We are inviting entries from kids of age 7-15 years. They can write about anything under the theme “My Dream”. It is not just about your dream of what you want to become when you grow up, I can also be a fantasy that you imagined. In the nutshell it can be a daydream or an imagination too…

Word count

The ideal word count of the short story can be 2000 words. We are not strict about the word count if the writing quality is good but try to keep the word count under this.
For poems, the word count would be up to 200 words and not more.


Send the entries in Microsoft word format (.doc /.docx) to outsetbooks@gmail.com.
The last date to submit the manuscript is 15-08-2023

Selection process

You will get an email if your entry is selected. There is a panel of people who would scrutinize your child’s work. 

Format of the book

Once your entry is selected we will be editing the work and the collated works would be published as an ebook.
You will get a pdf copy of the book and also a certificate. Your child will be featured in our blog as well as social media platforms. 
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