Compendium of Original Creative works by Children 2023 by Madhatter for Children

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Quite often than not, books/ Anthology that showcase kids work seldom screen the work. They tend to think that rejecting the work would hurt the child and it affects the overall quality of the book. When Madhatter send me the book I was expecting something on that level but I was flabbergasted to see the quality of the work. Compendium of Original Creative works by Children 2023, as the name suggests is the collection of creative works by kids. On the foot note of the book, author himself has explained how the selection process has been and has encouraged the little ones who didn’t get selected to do more and more so as to improve. I personally believe that rejections help a child to grow and understand the value of quality. Speaking of quality, the book is a guarantee for quality of creative talent.

Compendium of Creative works

Compendium of Original Creative works by Children 2023


Compendium of original stories and Art, this book represents a cornucopia of children’s talent and also demonstrates their great capacity to imagine. The Madhatter4children selected each piece of work based on the merit of the content and style. There are stories of the fantasy genre, magic and issues that occupy the young minds. Beautifully composed, each piece is a delight to read and appreciate.


The book has works from all genres. It is reflection of how well exposed kids are in their genre of work, be it drawing, painting, story writing or poetry or any kind of art displayed in the book. 
Some of the stories left me thinking that I should work more on my craft as an author because for their age, they have delivered something beyond expectations. The drawings that give us messages teaches us that kids should never be underestimated because their social responsibility outlives ours.
I have my favorites in the book but would not want to name them here because of course they are kids and all are talented. I don’t want to compare the works. Having said that I have never seen a charcoal painting and when I saw the craft I was initially shocked and then surprised to see how children get to know the various aspects of art.
This book is not a mere collection of creative work by kids but the ones that have merit. However, the book cover could have been better and the pages could have been better with coated paper. Having said that it didn’t affect the quality of their craft, just that humans tend to judge a book by its cover. 

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