A to Z of Death by AiR

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 Death is a phenomenon that creates various emotions in someone’s brain. Fear, pain, disgust, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, or even happiness? Depending on our basic belief systems, we perceive our experiences related to death. AiR (Atman in Ravi) has given us a comprehensive account of the different perspectives on death. 

A2Z of Death


Death is certain. Every ‘body’ must die. Still, we do not accept the reality of death. We fear death because of the loss of all that we own, all that is known and we fear death because of the unknown beyond death. However, we are ignorant about the truth of death. Death is not the end, it is just a bend. Only the body dies. We never die. We are the immortal Soul. At death, either we will be reborn based on our Karma or we will be liberated and united with the Divine. The A to Z of Death reveals everything we need to know about death, the truth of death which will make death a moment of celebration.

My Review 

The author has systematically categorized the book into different parts so that the readers get to walk through the spiritual, religious, philosophical and scientific aspects of death. We don’t know what happens after death but as a fact, we know that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. 
The energy that our soul is, how it is transformed? After reading the book, we remain clear in our minds. 
I am personally someone who believes in Karma. Quite often we used to justify the injustices in the lives of pure souls as previous life’s karma. The author convinces the readers as to how Karma plays a role in lives and afterlives. The author also explains the emotions associated with death.
The book is simple and easily comprehensive and delivers the matter to the readers with clarity. The book is a therapy, a learning opportunity, and a treasure for years to come by. 

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