Evoked by Manasi Babbar – Thrilling and Palpable

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 Write India Campaign by Write India Campaign is an initiative by Ravi Subramanian to pick unique talents across India. Manasi Babbar was one of the top performers handpicked by Ravi Subramanian. True to the talent of the writer and the author Evoked is a thriller that keeps you at the edge. 

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Evokes by Manasi Babbar

Ravi Subramanian presents Evoked by Manasi Babbar


Something has been evoked in the dark corners of a mind . . .
Sevita and Sama are identical twins, but they couldn’t be more different. Sevita is popular and outgoing while Sama is a loner who never really fit in. As the two enter their first year of college, tragedy strikes-one of them dies a sudden death. Barely has the town come to terms with this, when the news of another death rattles them all. As the death toll keeps rising, police are perplexed. What is plaguing the idyllic town of Lavasa?
As Inspector Mohite investigates the deaths and soon secrets tumble out, it soon becomes clear that underneath the placid surface of Lavasa lurks a complex web of lies and deceit. Can he uncover the truth before more people die?


Sevita and Sama are twins. As identical as they look, they are equally extreme in their characters and idiosyncrasies. Sevita is jovial, the center of attraction who makes friends equally while Sama is cold with a plain expression, brutal in hurting insects, and reclusive. Sama’s hobby is to catch moths and insects and pin them to a board. Her scary hobbies used to creep her mother out while her father has been sensibly trying to understand his daughter. Sevita is head over heels in love with Kunal while Sama has secretly bred her feelings for him. The story takes an unexpected turn when one of the twins Sama, dies in an accident. 
The plot becomes eery and gruesome when more deaths follow. More so when the deaths are revolving around the class that these kids were studying in. Inspector Mohite, the investigating officer knows things are not as plain and single-layered as it seems on the periphery. He decides to dig deeper and get to the bottom. How the instances unfold and how the investigation proceeds are what make the crux of the movie.


The plot develops through the characters. Sevita and Sama’s characters are developed slowly and on a large canvas. One-fourth of the book establishes various characters along with Sama and Sevita. Their friends Sruthi and Aastha, Sevita’s boyfriend Kunal, a bully Nik and his cronies… The characters slowly slither their way up to our hearts.
The author has successfully gotten deep into the antagonist’s psyche and how the person is instigated or scared. The other characters have a cliche craft with some preset character traits which are mandatory in a college scenario. The author’s finesse lies in bringing forth the details of the deaths, and the eeriness of the situations while not making it scary yet conveying the gruesomeness of the situation. The mystery however gave away right from the beginning which affected the reading experience. 
Overall the book is a thrilling experience that visually magnifies the scenario which enables the readers to let their imaginations go wild. 
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