The Highway Murders by Sourabh Mukherjee – The Real Terror

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 If you are a South Indian you would have definitely heard of Psycho Shankar. The notorious serial killer spread terror on the highways of South India. The Highway Murders by Sourabh Mukherjee is the fictional yet real adaptation of the cold-blooded murders carried out by the heartless criminal.

Highway Murders by SourabhMukherjee


n August 2009, a thirty-nine-year-old policewoman went missing in Tamil Nadu. A month later, her heavily decomposed body was discovered in a drain by a graveyard. She had been brutally violated and killed.
As the investigation started, the police detected a pattern in more than a dozen unsolved rape-and-murder cases with mutilated bodies of women turning up in graveyards, drains and empty fields along the highways.
It didn’t take the police too long to find out that the perpetrator was a trucker named M Jaishankar.
What followed was a cat-and-mouse game across states, many more gruesome killings, one of the most sensational jailbreaks in the history of the country, and a controversial suicide in a high-security cell.
The Highway Murders is the breathtaking true story of ‘Psycho Shankar’, one of India’s most notorious serial killers, and one policeman’s relentless decade-long battle against the ‘terror of the highways’.

My Review

The author has taken up a scenario that has been in the news for a long time. Hence it is very tough to pull off a thriller as everything was out there already. But there lies the brilliance of the author that he shifted the narration to the point of view of the serial killer. How senseless he can be. The cruelty stares down at the readers and chills their spines about how apathetic someone can be. The plot as such is a cliche that we have been reading but the fact that it is real and has happened is what makes the book endearing.
Also how a police officer dedicated his whole life to a single cause, finding and incarcerating Shankar, and how he manages to escape and wreak havoc again is the highlight of the book. The craft is marvelous. If you like to read blood-chilling thrillers this is for you. There are not many characters to connect with the readers and hence the murders are what dominate their psyche. 
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