Stirring the Sleeping Soul Inside – Booming Stars by Harsh Pamnani and Manish Pandey

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 I knew them as Be You Nick, Mostly Sane, and Beer Biceps, and not by their real names. Yes, Social media lives are different, and the person out there would have a different life. Booming Digital Stars by Harsh Pamnani and Manish Pandey is a book that felicitated the hardworking successful and talented creators who have become a part of our lives.

Booming Digital Stars – 11 Inspiring Journeys From India’s Creator Economy


There are many books about becoming the CEO of a large corporation or a fast-growing start-up. But not much has been written about creating and managing a single-person brand in an emerging Creator Economy. The size of this economy is humongous, and the available opportunities are immense. However, in the crowded market of creators, the chances of getting lost are higher than those of getting noticed. If you want to be part of the Creator Economy, the lessons derived from the 11 journeys of India’s leading Creators, covered in this book, will help you carve your niche and build a strong brand.

Creators Covered

Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani, Kabita Singh, Nikunj Lotia,Prajakta Koli, Ranveer Allahbadia, Madan Gowri, Team Naach, Yashraj Mukhate, Abhi and Niyu, Ujjwal Chaurasia

The inside stories

The book has been designed in a cartoonish tone which emanates the funny and exuberant energy of the creators featured in the book. The authors have done an extensive research to bring about the story of the creators to the masses. Probably the unseen undisclosed snippets of their lives. The incident when Bhuvan got a box of condoms and his family judged his craft speaks volumes about how successful creators are judged by family. Probably no one knew that Ashish Chanchlani, the brilliant human being who has been owning the funny bones of the viewers was bullied. Prajakta the most successful creator was a failure once is a fact that hardly anyone knew. 
The authors have done extensive research on the creators and they have depicted the stories without sensitizing them. Each story tells us why we should not give up no matter what. They held up with the failures because they knew their mettle. How systematic, how persevering they were is something that we have to learn from the creators.

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