Ultimate Sugar-free Desserts by Harsh Kedia – Review

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 While formulating my diet plans, going sugar-free has been the first step that  I suggest to my clients. However, they used to ask me if they could at least have something that tastes sweet. Jaggery and honey have been my choices of substitutes because they had an immense amount of iron and other minerals. However, their glycemic indexes used to be high and could not be suggested to those with diabetes. Hence Ultimate Sugarfree Desserts has been a valuable add-on for me as now I can suggest various recipes for my clients in terms of weight loss as well as diabetes treatment.

Ultimate Sugar Free Desserts

Ultimate Sugar-free Desserts by Harsh Kedia


Diagnosed with diabetes at age fifteen, Harsh Kedia spent the next few years of his life having to forego all of his most-loved desserts. Deprived of birthday cakes, laddus and all things sweet as a teenager, he decided to create recipes that would allow everyone suffering from diabetes to have their favourite foods again.
In Ultimate Sugar-free Desserts, Kedia, popularly known as ‘A Diabetic Chef’ on social media, shares more than 50 recipes to whip up delectable treats using stevia, a plant-based sugar substitute. With home cooks in mind, he covers an astonishing variety of some of our favourite desserts, from indigenous sweets such as gajar ka halwa, rasmalai and sandesh to gourmet delicacies like strawberry custard tarts, éclairs and peanut butter cookies, along with a mouth-watering array of healthy smoothies and lip-smacking beverages. It’s time to have your cake and eat it too!

My Review

The author is called a diabetic chef for a reason. He has shared 50 recipes that are slurp-worth and healthy. For someone looking for a sugar substitute, Stevia, and Erythritol is the choices with the least glycemic index but recipes that can bring about the maximum taste with these substitutes is tough to find as stevia is often found in the indigenous western cuisines or so I thought.The author has deftly incorporated the substitutes in Indian desserts like rasmalai and Gajar ka halwa making them enjoyable for everyone and helping us in a guilt-free indulgence. 
The book is divided into four parts – Desi Desserts, Videshi Desserts, Smoothies and Bowls, and finally Beverages. All recipes can be prepared within half an hour. The author has refrained from any unwanted gimmicks to make the book look huge. This is one put-off factor that I used to find in the cook books of late. We need to literally skim through the books to find the recipes but ultimate Sugar-free Desserts are just simple and in tact. The author has also given a conversion table at the end which makes it possible to be read and used across the globe. Another seemingly menial yet important factor is the quality of the pages. We often use the cook books inside the kitchen and while checking and rechecking the ingredients and methods, we tend to use wet hands and spoil the book. Here the pages are set in such a way that we can use them with even wet hands (not always).

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