Martian Geista by Jackie Sheldon – Dystopian, Futurustic, Thrilling

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Living on Mars is no longer a scenario that is impossible. We know that in a few years to come, humans will be seen shuttling to and from Mars. Jackie Sheldon through a breathtakingly realistic dystopian book  Martian Geista has visualized the scenario. 


Formula 1 race on a Mars track

The book takes off with a Formula 1 racing track where the protagonist is a trillionaire who owns the firm. The author has amalgamated contemporary fiction with a prognostic approach. Coming to think of it, the readers would be surprised to realize that the scenario is not far away from what it is now. Anytime soon, barring the COVID situation, humans can land on Mars to set up a township there.

The author’s imagination is running wild in terms of how the inhabitation is depicted in the book. The author has taken into account even menial details scientifically, leaving no doubt behind. The readers who revisit the book after a couple of decades would surely find the book contemporary as the details are on-point.

Oxygen in Mars

The book is also a sci-fi thriller as the explanation of the unavailability of oxygen and how life sustains there is given with conviction. It leaves the readers thinking, “Yes, this is a possibility”. I can envision our future generation reading the book on Mars thinking about how this appeared to the writer years before it really happened.

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