Little Yogis are Building a Healthy Future – Global Little Yogis by Barkha Sharma

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 Yoga has been the answer to many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual inconsistencies. For centuries, our gurus have been imparting knowledge. However, quite often than not, yoga has been tagged as an exercise mode for adults. Very little has been spoken about Yoga in kids. The discussion and initiative to popularise Yoga among kids probably started in 2016 when June 21 was declared International Yoga Day. Since then kids started getting intrigued about Yoga poses, and the benefits of Yoga. Hence when a book for kids’ Yoga came my way I couldn’t say no to Global Little Yogis by Barkha Sharma.

Global Little Yogis by Barkha Sharma – A Book for Kids Yoga

I am a holistic wellness coach and a yoga trainer. Also a mother of three kids. When it comes to my kids they have seen me do this. yoga but never really got attracted to it. But this book with its illustrations just stole their mind. Each child’s appropriate Yoga poses are illustrated beautifully. The exact technique to do it has been given in simple language. Some pose like Utkadasana are modified to make them appropriate for kids to do. Also, the author has associated a spirit with each pose. 

For a children’s book to appeal to the readers, the illustrations hold an important role. The book setting and quality of the pages are not only attractive but durable as well. Kids in general tend to rough handle books and to make reading an endearing experience, they have to read it without restrictions. Moreover, the information shared in the book is such that there is no story or embellishments but still kids love the. The book is appealing to kids of all age groups, My kids are of age 7, 9, and 11 but they enjoyed the book and time and again refer to the various poses and learn about them.

Being a Yoga trainer enables me to know which poses are kids’ app[to[riate and how to impart knowledge about each pose to the kids. Connecting the poses to various spirits would surely make the reading experience a memorable and enjoyable one.

Overall this is a book for kids Yoga that not only hooks the little readers to it but also makes it easy for them to practice yoga at a young age.

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