Keep Your Retrospective Nerves Active with The Affair by Danielle Steel.

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 When Danielle Steel holds the reign of a story, the female characters are sure to get an edge. When all protagonists are women, then the reading becomes a pleasurable process. Through the eyes of Rose, Nadia, Venetia, Athena, and  Olivia we see different lives, different perspectives, and different ideologies. The Affair by Danielle Steel is a quintessential Steel craft of competent headstrong women. 

The Affair by Danielle Steel

Book Name : The Affair

Author: Danielle Steel

Publisher : Pan Macmillan India

Rose is the editor-in-chief of Mode Magazine, a Fashion aficionado in personal and professional life. However, she has paid intent care in maintaining the Dichotomy of the two arenas of life by not speaking about one while engaged in the other. Her assistant Charity suggests featuring the famous actress Pascale Solon in the September edition of Mode Magazine. Her clandestine affair with the bestselling author Nicholas is sure to bring traction to the magazine. Little did Charity know that the Nicholas that she is referring to is Rose’s son-in-law. Her daughter Nadia is a demure, sensitive, and sensible woman who is taking her time to take a decision about her life now that his relationship with the actress is out and about. The four sisters with their mother meet as a weekend getaway cum decision-making avenue. The meeting brings out a can of worms and pearls of wisdom. The trip proves to be a path of self-discovery for the women.

Danielle Steel’s affinity towards perfect women is not lost in the book, more so here because in The Affair we have five female protagonists. The rich woman, who is spic and span with no hair out of place, the competitive, eloquent tigress is a trope that could endear every woman but when we come down to reality it is an overestimation. Nonetheless, we pick Danielle Steel for this approach that could urge us to remain. The characters are distinct in their own space, however, Danielle’s predisposition toward the women who are close to their family is persistent in this book as well. 

The rendezvous between mother and daughters could have been explored in a better light. The given-and-take consumes Cruz of the book. The pace of the plot drops towards this part and slowly gains momentum. The book forces us to retrospect and introspect.

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